четверг, 12 июля 2018 г.

How to make your own trap to the OS simplest effective from a plastic bottle

Imagine this picture. You come to the country, and there instead of you completely host wasps. Of course, you do not intend to put up with what is happening. But you are confused and do not know what to do. There is a very simple, but at the same time reliable, proven over the years and by many owners of private houses, gardens, way. Today I want to tell you.  Let's begin.
Take a simple plastic bottle of half a liter. Cut the neck of the bottle so that the height of the cut part is 1/3 of the total size of the bottle, and the lower part is 2/3 of the same bottle, respectively.  The upper part of the flip so that the plug was on the bottom and Unscrew it.  Next, insert the top part into the bottom so that the thread on which the plug was wound is inside the structure. See the photo.
All, strictly speaking, trap is ready. It remains only to pour into it any solution that will lure insects, and put or hang a trap in places available to them. As a solution, jam, kvass, sugar diluted in water or any other liquid in which a substance capable of luring wasps can act.  By the way, in order to conveniently hang this design, you need to do a couple of holes opposite each other at the top of the trap. Then they need to pass a rope. How to do this, you can see perfectly in the photos.